The Main Social Fears of Men That Prevent Them From Using Dating Services

A thick Talmud could be written about women’s fears on dating sites! It is understandable, a woman is a weak creature, therefore, she is afraid of lots of things (a maniac, a prisoner, a thief, etc.). There are much fewer male fears because men are of the stronger sex and it would be strange for them to be afraid, but they still have fears and doubts. Today we will analyze the main ones and select the largest one.

  1. Nobody Needs Me

I will register there and stay online for five years because I am not handsome and interesting enough… Well, my height is not 185, I have thin biceps, fat on the belly, scoliosis, alimony, well, in general, everything is average with me.

There are millions of average women too, so look for one that is equal to you: your age, with an imperfect figure, divorced and even with children, with an average salary, with an ordinary face. This is your real option and a real chance for personal happiness. 

  1. I will Be Recognized

Friends from Facebook or just from the next street will find out from the photo and understand that I am lonely and non-demanded. Be calm about this, male friends will never see you on dating sites, because you are hetero and they are hetero, so you will never meet each other there, the settings of the profile will not allow you to do this.

But familiar women with whom you are friends in social networks or real life will see you. But what’s so weird about it? They are also lonely, just like you.

  1. Everything will Work out

Funny, right? Yes, there is such a secret fear among men: I will meet a good woman, whom it will be impossible to find fault with, and then… What then? Then you have to go on a real date, start a relationship, work on it, get out of your comfort zone, and change your established life! And after 40 years, men really don’t want to do this, it’s better to be alone and not change anything in life.

In general, this is a temporary fear, most likely even laziness, but, as a rule, it fades away quickly.

  1. She will Turn out to Be Fat

Well, this is some male suspicion that can be a little disturbing. Nowadays, girls sin with beauty filters, so on a date, she may not come exactly the same as in the picture. Therefore, online dating arouses some concern among men. It is easy to dispel it, there are live video chats on various dating platforms so you don’t even need to go anywhere.

  1. I’ll Fall in Love With a Self-serving Bitch

Men are afraid to fall sincerely in love with a beautiful woman with a bad character and a selfish heart, who will abuse them in cold blood, and who will love not them, but their millions (non-existent).

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